Here We Are!

Hi! I’m Maizy. I have Celiac disease and have been on a gluten-free diet since 2002. Although there are many ready-to-eat gluten-free products on the market these days (some better than others!), I have been trying to cook more foods from scratch. I’m not a great chef or anything. I just like the taste of freshly cooked foods containing healthy ingredients.

I read the labels on everything. You just have to get in that habit if you are a celiac. There seem to be more and more products out there containing sorghum and I noticed I often tend to like the flavor and texture of these foods more than the ones with rice as the main ingredient.

So, I have decided to create this blog dedicated to the lovely grain, sorghum. And, with the help of my constant companion, Milo, I hope to make this an interesting and informative place to visit for anyone on a gluten-free diet.

My goal is to try one new recipe containing sorghum per week for the next year. The 52 Weeks of Sorghum section of this blog will contain these recipes and a review of how they turn out.

The What is Sorghum? section will contain general information about sorghum and how to cook with it.

The Celiac Info section will contain information about celiac disease and how to follow a gluten-free diet.

And, of course, Milo will be sharing his wisdom and will get to sample some of the goodies, as well (tail wagging when I say “goodies”.)

I hope you find something useful and/or fun here. Please feel free to share your experiences with these recipes and ingredients. I can use all the cooking tips I can get!

Milo graphic

Milo says….

I don’t know what sorghum is, but Maizy promised to make me some dog cookies. I love cookies!

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