How I Nearly “Glutened” Myself

I was diagnosed with celiac in 2002 and tend to see myself as pretty experienced in looking for hidden sources of gluten and watching labels. But I discovered I can still be surprised! Last week I posted a list of foods to watch out for when trying to avoid gluten. A few days later I had an experience that reinforced for me how important it is to keep reading labels carefully.

I was at my local health-food store and noticed some tea on sale. It was Yogi brand herbal teas and they had this one called Stomach Ease. That sounded like it might be helpful for my ongoing digestive issues, so I picked up a box without looking to see what was in it. It’s tea, right?

Front of Yogi tea box

I almost glutened myself with this tea.

When I got home I was preparing a cup of the new tea for myself to give it a try and I casually picked up the box while it was steeping to see what herbs were in it. Imagine my surprise when I read at the bottom “Other ingredients: Organic Barley Malt.” What! Why in the world would they put Barley Malt in herbal tea? I have never seen this. I was really glad I hadn’t taken a sip yet!

Close up of tea ingredient list

Always read the labels – even on tea!

So, the moral of this story, my friends, is to read EVERY label just to be sure. This is also a good example of how there was no allergen warning required on this label because barley is not legally considered an allergen by the FDA, even though it is poison to someone with celiac disease.

Read those labels and be safe!

Milo graphic

Milo says….

Maizy said I was stinky so I HAD to go to the groomer and get a yukky bath. That grooming girl cut my toenails and MADE me curl my lips up and growl just a little bit. Then she gave me a cookie and I wagged some. I’m ok now.

3 thoughts on “How I Nearly “Glutened” Myself

  1. Coffee is another place. I don’t drink any flavored coffee because it can contain gluten. Twizzlers even have wheat in them. The worse I have found that annoys me are sunflower seeds! Since I cannot have nuts I get sunflower seeds. But sometimes a company puts flour and peanut oil on them!!!! Argh.

    • Yes, anything that has “flavors” added to it must be inspected carefully for those of us who are very sensitive. Better to leave it alone if I don’t know what the “flavors” are. Thanks!

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