Gluten-Free Care Packages

As I was searching around the Internet for information about celiac disease, I found this website where you can get a free care package if you have been newly diagnosed with a biopsy. What a nice idea! Too bad I didn’t find this 12 years ago when I was diagnosed. (darn!)

Gluten-free care package for people newly diagnosed with Celiac

Gluten-free care package for people newly diagnosed with Celiac Disease

The care package is sponsored by the University of Chicago Celiac Disease Center and receives items from about 25 different companies that make gluten-free products. In addition to gluten-free food samples, the package also includes a gluten-free food guide and support group information. They ship via UPS to anywhere within the USA. I think this would be an especially nice gift for a child that is newly diagnosed with celiac disease.

You have to fill out their questionnaire and provide your test information and your physician’s contact information so they can verify that you are truly celiac. They have a Facebook page where they post photos of the recipients.

This website has a lot of good information to help people learn about celiac disease and how to live with it. The Celiac Disease Center also offers free blood screening to 500 people every fall. That’s a big help for people in the Chicago area who don’t have insurance. Remember, you have to be eating a regular, gluten-containing diet for the blood test to be accurate.

Isn’t this a great idea! I’m really glad there are so many resources available for people with celiac disease now.


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6 thoughts on “Gluten-Free Care Packages

  1. I got one of those care packages! They’re pretty cool 🙂 I have other allergies too, but I was still able to eat around half of the products. Love your blog!

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