The Celiac Project

I just discovered this upcoming documentary about people with celiac disease and their struggles with getting properly diagnosed. The project director is Michael W. Frolichstein and he has celiac disease. They are no longer accepting donations on the Kickstarter site, but they are continuing to post updates on how the project is going. They are on Facebook, as well. I’m really looking forward to seeing this film. Check out the trailer here. (I tried to embed the video, but it didn’t work.)

Here is Michael’s description of the project:

“The Celiac Project” is an engaging new feature-length documentary about Celiac Disease, gluten intolerance and the obstacles people with these conditions face in safely living a gluten-free life. While avoiding gluten has become a trendy dietary choice, people with Celiac literally cannot tolerate it in their diet. Even a crumb of bread can cause irritation in the small intestine, which will trigger an immune system reaction that worsens over time. Many people with the condition suffer for years with mysterious, debilitating symptoms before obtaining an accurate diagnosis.

When I learned that 83 percent of Celiacs in this country are either undiagnosed or misdiagnosed, I felt compelled as a filmmaker to unravel the mystery of this illness. We have talked with dozens of people who struggled to get diagnosed and also interviewed the top Celiac doctors in the world and are excited to share their stories in this compelling documentary.

Michael has written, directed and produced two well-received short films: Adventure Day and Dogwalker. In addition to both films getting festival play, Dogwalker aired locally on WTTW’s long-running series, Image Union. Michael lives with his wife and two young daughters in Evanston, Illinois.


Milo graphic

Milo says….

Maizy put me in the bedroom and shut the door today. Then a strange MAN came in and did something in our kitchen! I was so scared of the stranger I BARKED A LOT! Then Maizy let me out and he wasn’t there, but I could SMELL him. I’m watching out the window all day in case he comes back.



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