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Tips for Gluten-free Road Trips

By the time you get this post I’ll be on my way to Seattle for a two-week vacation. I really love WordPress scheduled posts, don’t you?

I’ve been planning this road trip for a few months and have been working on ways to make sure I eat safely. Traveling by car will allow me to bring along a lot of my own food, so that will make things easier. Here are some tips I found for traveling gluten-free:

Plan gluten-free meals and snacks before you leave home.
I’m planning on having simple meals while I’m on the road. Things like tuna, crackers and peanut butter will travel pretty well. I’m going to make some gluten-free muffins to take, too.

Shop for your favorite gluten-free items before you leave.
I’ve stocked up on my favorite crackers and cereals, as well as some fresh vegetables, fruits and nuts. Individual-sized packages of gluten-free snacks will come in handy for hiking and site seeing excursions.

Prepare to chill foods on the road.
I’m taking a cooler so I can keep my almond milk cold. I’m also thinking about taking some hard-boiled eggs for breakfasts. They should keep for several days in a cooler.

Try to stay in places where you’ll have a kitchenette, or access to kitchen facilities.
I’ll be staying in motels part of the time and with my son in Seattle part of the time. I’m not sure if the motels have microwaves, so I’m not bringing anything that will have to be cooked. My son and his roommates understand my condition and will let me cook whatever I need while I’m there. I’ll have to be extra careful in their kitchen about clean utensils and work areas, though.

Ship ahead.
I’m not going to be doing this, but it’s not a bad idea. Items can be ordered online and delivered to a destination. This would be especially helpful if I were flying and couldn’t carry a lot of stuff with me.

Investigate the gluten-free dining opportunities at your destination.
Here is one resource I found that lists chain restaurants with gluten-free menus. Here’s another one specifically for the Seattle area. I don’t plan to eat out a whole lot, but it’s good to have resources if I want to. I’m pretty sure I’ll be heading down to Pike Place Chowder at least once!

Be flexible, and bring your sense of humor.
I’m looking forward to this adventure, but I know things don’t always go as planned. I will have to stay on the alert for gluten, and be careful to not sacrifice my health for convenience or temptation’s sake.

Seattle skyline with Mount Rainer in the background

Gluten-free in Seattle!


Milo graphic

Milo says….

Maizy is GONE! I’ve been waiting by the door but she hasn’t come home for days and days. Gregg is here and he plays Frisbee with me and puts food in my bowl, but it’s just not the SAME without Maizy here! Gregg says she will be back soon, but WHEN? Maybe she will come back if I wait by the door some more.




6 thoughts on “Tips for Gluten-free Road Trips

  1. Woohoo! Great tips too. 🙂 I just did my first GF road trip, so hopefully yours turns out well too. I also looked up grocery stores in advance, so I didn’t have to detour for too long if I ran out of food. Enjoy Seattle!

  2. Thanks for this. It is definitely something I struggle with when travelling or eating out. I am also soy free, which at times, causes more trouble than gluten free, but I’m learning.

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